Denzel Washington is Green Lantern John Stewart?

Green Lantern Denzel Washington 1

Could Denzel be the Green Lantern?

So apparently there were rumors that Denzel Washington was set to play Lex Luthor in the upcoming ‘Batman vs Superman movie of 2015. The latest rumor claims he’s not playing Lex Luthor but in fact the very popular Green Lantern John Stewart who we might add DC Comics planned to kill back in early 2013. Stewart was also to appear in 2011’s Green Lantern movie but had the scene cut.

Now, according to Nuke The Fridge:

the “Training Day” actor is being considered for the role of Green Lantern John Stewart.
the “Training Day” actor is being considered for the role of Green Lantern John Stewart instead. – See more at:
the “Training Day” actor is being considered for the role of Green Lantern John Stewart instead. – See more at:
the “Training Day” actor is being considered for the role of Green Lantern John Stewart instead. – See more at:

Could be time for John Stewart to finally make his big screen debut? Isn’t Denzel too old to play the army veteran turned superhero?

What do you think of all this?

Sound off below!

More as it breaks!

[Source: Nuke the Fridge]

19 thoughts on “Denzel Washington is Green Lantern John Stewart?

  1. My namesake is def too old and also too well known and talented for this part…they should give it to someone who has a little less screen time.

  2. Yes, I love the man, but Denzel is too old now. And, at age 46, so is Michael Jai White.

    I could accept Denzel as Lex Luthor, only because I’d enjoy watching all the White fanboys going nuts online about it.

  3. Well,Val Kilmer was too short and skinny to play batman,Hallie Barry too American actress to play Storm and the hint of Romeo Miller is too..uuuhhh…Romeo Miller to play Black Panther or Ben Affleck too Hollywood to play Daredevil. It all makes perfect sense, Hollywood cares little about perfect casting especially if taking a chance on a new or lesser known actor could potentially hurt their box office sales. So what do they do? “F” and great script lets just get one of our prettiest and most popular actors,pay em a truck load of money and stick them in roles that they shouldn’t even be remotely considered for. So we might as well get used to it like Tom Cruise as the last Samuri or Keanu Reaves as a Ronin or Tyrese as Luke Cage or..etc…you get the! What a joke.

    • Denzel has box office draw. Who would risk potentially millions to “give someone a shot”. As much as I would love to weigh in on the side of my inner fanboy, I have to say I understand. At least we know the role will be well played. Denzel commands authority when he presents himself in a military fashion. If the role was taken by someone the right age and height and whatever, and was poorly performed you guys wouldn’t buy it, would see it once and dump all over it. The company would lose money and never take a chance. So, for me is seeing Denzel do for John Stewart what Hugh Jackman did for Wolverine, then so be it. Or are you guys not remembering how Jackman was “too tall” to play wolverine. And for the record, a better script and director and Daredevil wouldn’t have looked like a modern day campy batman. I also reference everyone’s excitment about Jennifer Garner as Electra, and both roles she was in were awful, because the MOVIES SUCKED!

      I think we should coin the phrase Daredevil effect. Where Affleck was blamed for a horrible movie.

      Also the Thor Effect, where an unknown substandard actor was made to look much better, because of better direction and script.

  4. I like the idea that they think enough of the role to consider Denzel but yeah, I think he would be too old to play it though I know he tries to stay in shape and all.

    Michael Jai White would be good though I know he is aging as well but the brother is still in good shape and you know, black don’t crack so he don’t look 46.

    So as an aside, I wonder what DC is considering doing with John in the comic book area since they were previously looking to kill him off. Wonder what changed their minds about making him prominent in the Batman/Superman movie?

  5. Mr Washington would be fine I would prefer Idris Elba but lets face it it comes down to the script as long as he’s a Bad ass who doesn’t cower and take a backseat to his fellow Heroes I’ll be good with it

    • I agree chocolate matter……I also think these comics to films…movies are more about fight sequences, action, things blowing up and cool special effects. (Box office sales)…Not the actor. The kids don’t care as long as the character is the right age, build, etc. It’s more about staying true to the character and story-line. Any decent actor that plays the character well..(Like the comic)…will be a hit. Wolverine was not a hit because of Hugh Jackman….it was because they had a good script and director. Don’t get me wrong…he did a great job…(I think) But, if he was replaced by another actor with a muscular body…short… and same commitment to the comic character as Hugh, would have been just as successful. If I had to pick someone, I would say David Oyelowo (Red Tails) or Morris Chestnut.

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