Zephyr (Character)


Created by: Tony Isabella and Val Mayerik

1st appearance: Supernatural Thrillers #8, August 1974

Aliases Mistress of the Winds

Nationality: unrevealed

Team Affiliations: Elementals

Height: unrevealed   Weight: unrevealed  

Eyes: Brown        Hair: Black

Skills and abilities: unrevealed

Powers: Zephyr possesses the wind and air elemental powers granted an Elemental. She has psychic abilities which allow her to control and manipulate energy to an unspecified degree.Because she is an immortal, she has resistance to disease and conventional forms of injury. She possesses superhuman strength, durability and stamina and also mental abilities that allow her mind control and the ability to cast illusions. She also has the ability to open dimensional portals. Her powers are amplified by the Ruby Scarab.

Weapons: none


Zephyr was a tavern wench when she was approached by Hellfire, Hydron, and Magnum who were the remaining members of the Elementals and asked to join and become the air elemental of the group. She was treated as an inferior by the other members, and was often sent out as the first wave in their show of force. The group was cast out of their universe and came to earth around 3500 BC. They were worshiped as gods and ruled over a kingdom. They sought to expand their kingdom to the area that would become Egypt, but were thwarted in their attempt by a young warrior and a wizard. The wizard created the Ruby Scarab, which sapped the Elementals of their powers, and then the wizard banished them to an extradimensional prison which the elementals rebuilt into their “palace of the gods”.  (Supernatural Thrillers #8-15, 1974-75)

Zephyr grew tired of her treatment by the other Elementals and opened a portal back to earth in search of the Ruby Scarab. She aligned herself with two humans, and they were able to locate it. The other Elementals located and captured her. They traded her life for the scarab. The Elementals were stopped by Ms. Marvel. (Ms. Marvel #11-12; 1977)

Zephyr and Thor shared a brief romance. She had stolen the ruby of Seduction from him, and when he caught up with her they fell in love. Their love making was so passionate that it caused the earth to nearly split in two from the combination of their powers. Fearing for everyone’s safety they separated. Sometime later, Zephyr and the other Elementals are captured by the Collector. In exchange for the freedom to stroll through the museum, Zephyr trades the ruby to him. When Thor is lured to the Collector’s museum, at first Zephyr helped the Collector, but after remembering the love she and Thor shared she eventually helps Thor escape and also in his mission to stop Ego, The Living Planet and Alter Ego. The Collector sends Zephyr 600 years in the past for her betrayal. She is able to return back to the present in time to save Thor and reconstruct Alter Ego, and was last seen journeying with Ego and Alter Ego. (Astonishing Thor #1-5; 2011)

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