Skorpio (Character)


Created by: Christopher Priest and Denys Cowan

1st appearance: Steel #37; 1997

Nationality: American

Aliases: Dennis Samuel Ellis

Group Affiliations: Secret Society of Super Villains

Height: 5”8”      Weight: 162lbs

Eyes: Brown        Hair: Black

Skills and abilities: resident physician training; very agile

Powers: none

Weapons: Skorpio wears body suit that is fitted with various blades. Some of the blades are coated with a deadly toxin.


Dennis Samuel Ellis worked as a resident physician at Garden State Medical Center where John Henry Irons (Steel) worked as head of R&D. he and John Henry were involved in a love triangle with Dr. Amanda Quick. He was recruited by the head of the hospital, Dr. Arthur Villain, to act as an assassin and bodyguard for him and clean up the drug problem around the hospital by eliminating the dealers and suppliers. Villain gave him a suit with hidden weapons, and Skorpio was born. Skorpio killed some went about carrying out Dr. Villain’s mandate, but grew to hate Steel more and more. As Dr., Ellis, he was able to keep an eye out on both the hospital and Steel. When he was rejected by Dr. Quick, he sought an opportunity to get revenge on Steel, and was given one when he was hired by the villain, Crash, to bring Steel to him. To this end, Skorpio attacked Steel’s niece, injecting her with a deadly toxin and destroying the antidote. After a brief skirmish, Steel apprehends Skorpio. (Steel #37,41-43, 45-52; 19997-98) Later, Skorpio joined in with the other villains who sought retribution when it was exposed that the JLA had tampered with the villains minds. (Villains United #1; 2005) Skorpio turned to smaller crime to help him get by. He attempted a bank robbery, but ran into Manhunter and promptly surrendered, due to the reputation she had for killing another villain. (Manhunter #16; 2006) He was one of the villains that were shipped to the prison planet Salvation. (Salvation Run #2-7; 2007-2008) and was a part of the throng of villains that attempted to stop the Secret Six. (Secret Six # 7; 2009) Skorpio was last seen as one of the invited guest of the Auctioneer who assembled to bid on a mysterious box, until the auction was broken up when the box was stolen by The Web. (Mighty Crusaders #1, 2010)


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