Slyde (Character)

Slyde (6)

Created by: Tom DeFlaco and Sal Buscema

1st appearance: The Amazing Spiderman #272; 1986

Nationality: American

Relatives: Matt Beacher (half-brother, deceased)

Group Affiliations: Masters of Evil

Height: 5”11”      Weight: 170

Eyes: Brown        Hair: Black

Skills and abilities: Skilled chemist

Powers: none

Weapons: Slyde used a katana and throwing stars, though he was neither trained or skilled with them; the Slyde suit employs a frictionless substance which allows the wearer protection against being grappled or held and some protection from physical attacks; the frictionless shoes allows the wearer to obtain speeds upward of 30 MPH with extreme maneuverability; when Slyde brother Matt was resurrected by HYDRA after being slain by Electra, he used rocket boots in order to fly


Jalome Beacher was a chemical engineer at Beemont Manufacturing. While there, he created a chemical that could coat any substance and make it make the substance become frictionless. Before he could unveil it, the department closed due to a larger corporation buying out his company He was downsized by Mr. Rockwell, the management at the company. Jalome decided to open up his own company, and needed a sizable amount of money to do so. He created a costume to apply the chemical to, and started robbing banks as Slyde. He decided to steal money from Mr. Rockwell’s company, but found evidence to incriminate Rockwell instead. He decided to blackmail Rockwell, set up a meeting for ransom, and also alerted the D.A. Spider-man got wind of the meeting decided to attend. In the ensuing confusion, Slyde was able to get away, but not before grabbing the ransom (Amazing Spider-man #272, 1986). Slyde next tangled with Spider-man in Atlantic City when he was attempting to steal a sizable amount from a finance broker. Slyde was forced to leave the money (Web of Spider-man #23, 1987). after stealing money from associates of the Maggia, they had his brother kidnapped. Slyde then hired Luke Cage to help him get his brother back. On their way, they were joined by Spider-man who helped them retrieve his brother (Spider-man Unlimited #6, 1994). Slyde joined the Crimson Cowl’s version of the Masters of Evil that attempted a blackmail scheme to get rich using global weather control. Slyde and the rest of the team were defeated and arrested. (Thunderbolts #24-25, 1998) Jalome was getting older, and while having a mid-life crisis, got a new suit, made up a fictional origin, and started robbing banks again. He was quickly apprehended by Spider-man, but considered it a victory, saying he did well for a man approaching middle age (Spider-man Unlimited Vol. 2 #1, 2004). While Jalome was in prison, his brother Matt donned the suit. Matt was contacted by the Spot, and a meeting was arranged between them. When Matt arrived, he saw Electra and other Hand ninja standing over the Spot. Slyde was captured and killed by Electra. Both were resurrected by the Hand to serve in HYDRA’S superhuman army, which was formed to attack S.H.I.E.L.D. Matt was again killed, but this time by Wolverine (Wolverine #26-27, 2005). Out of jail and with the Civil War going on, Jalome was recruited by Hammerhead to join his group of villains that he would use to take over Kingpin’s criminal empire. When Hammerhead thought Jalome was hinting at telling Kingpin of his plans, he had the villain Underworld shoot Jalome in the back of the head (Civil War: War Crimes #1, 2006).

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