Baron (Character)

Baron Samedi
Baron Samedi

Created by: Brandon Peterson

1st appearance: Arcanum #2, 1997

Aliases: Baron Samedi, Ghede, Cain, Death

Eyes: Brown        Hair: Black

Skills and abilities: possesses knowledge and skills from tens of thousands of years of living including mastery of all forms of weapons

Powers: Baron is an Immortal with God-like powers, he can also absorb souls

Weapons: none


Baron is considered the first murderer the world had ever seen. Because of the murder he committed, he was cursed to live forever for the entity known as three-who-are-one so he could witness all murders that would be committed. After living for thousands of years, he grew tired of living and planned to bring about Armageddon. To this end, he plotted to get the Avatar of Light- Ramat Nassir and his followers to battle the Avatar of Darkness- Franklin Blake and his followers. His plans were ruined by a rouge avatar who revealed his plans to both sides. In the final battle, the Baron’s plans were ended by Royale, who had stolen the Avatar of Darkness’ powers (Arcanum #2,4,6-8; 1997-98).

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