Justice League Beyond #25 Review

batmanbeyond- FLASH9Meet the new Fastest Man (or Woman) Alive! The origin of the Beyond Universe’s Flash is revealed!

The Good

Art- Very Reminiscent of a Saturday morning cartoon of the late 90’s early 2000’s and as a result of falling into the “Beyond” universe of Batman Beyond it’s very fitting and very stylized.

Cover- If you haven’t seen the image of Danica in Flash Garb on the three previous issues they appeared on then this one looks pretty good.

Black Hero- Introducing Danica Williams the latest Flash, a very down to earth relatable black superhero with an interesting origin.

Legacy- I love how Derek Fridolfs manages to put a unique twist on the origin of yet another Speedster in the Flash line. Unique touches such as running on air and being able to communicate with others connected to the speedforce really do give Danica a unique twist on a tried and true established formula.

The Bad

Complaints- This hero since she is the latest Flash will be ignored by some because she is a black version of a white character. I also expect them to lambast yet another “Flash” despite Danica being only the second Black Superhero who falls under the Flash legacy next to XS.

Cover- As mentioned above the image of Danica in her Flash Garb has been used multiple times before on this series, it’s either the artist was lazy or we only have one image of Danica we can use for covers.

The Ugly

Overall Justice League Beyond #25 was a fantastic origin issue for the newest Flash and ties enough into established continuity to make her a worthwhile addition both to the team and the Black Superhero Pantheon! 3/5

stars- 3


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  • October 9, 2013 at 1:39 pm

    If its black male sprinter is the fastest man on earth since as long as i can remember, why isn’t it more mainstream black speedsters ? I mean doesn’t comics and art supposed to imitate life?

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