Waso Powirre (Character)

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Publisher:  Stranger Comics

Created by:  Sebastian A. Jones

1st appearance:  Dusu: Path of the Ancient #1

Nationality:  Ujoan Galemren (Wild Elf)

Affiliations:  Tribe of the Gathering Wind

Legal Status:  Single

Height:  6’4″               Weight:  205 pounds

Eyes:  Brown             Hair:  Brown (Dyed Red)

Relatives:  Omdar Shem (Father), Dusu Valoy (Adopted Brother)

Skills and Abilities:  Waso is a brilliant hunter and tactician.  Even among the Galemren, his martial skill and strength are considered exceptional.  He favors the a bone axe and a long obsidian knife.

Powers:  Waso’s sacred Galemren tattoos grant him the power to blend into his natural surroundings, even while moving.

Biography:  Waso was raised in a time of woe, for a great injustice was done to his family.  Though they never speak of it, Waso carries the anger close to his heart, and Dusu often becomes the target for his pain.  One day, Waso will inherit the mantle of chief from his father, becoming warlord of Ugoma, and on that day, all who stand in his way will feel his wrath.


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