Omdar Shem (Character)


Publisher:  Stranger Comics

Created by:  Sebastian A. Jones & Christopher Garner

1st appearance:  Dusu: Path of the Ancient #1

Nationality:  Ujoan Galemren (Wild Elf)

Affiliations:  Tribe of the Gathering Wind

Legal Status:  Presumed Widower

Height:  6’3″               Weight:  180 pounds

Eyes:  Brown             Hair:  Bald

Relatives:  Waso Powirre (Son), Dusu Valoy (Adopted Son)

Skills and Abilities:  The elder Chieftain of the tribe, his martial skills have diminished somewhat, but it is believed that his spirit will endure long after his death.

Powers:  Omdar’s face and body are tattooed with the sun and the bear in honor of a great kill, when he felled the dire bear that slew his father.  The markings grant him strength and the ability to summon a great and blinding light.  It is also believed that he has been granted some knowledge of future events by Powisienne himself.

Biography:  Omdar Shem, Chief of the Gathering Wind, was born to one of the lesser hunters in the tribe, but he took the mantle by rite of combat.  The tribe, already small and vulnerable after being cast aside by the larger White Rain clan, was being terrorized by a dire bear.  The beast devoured many, including the chief and Omdar’s own father.  With little more than a broken spear, Omdar stood between the bear and the young shaman, Dura Ujella, and struck the monster in the heart, earning the faith and the loyalty of his tribe. 

Omdar emerged a hero, but he was not unscathed.  The bear had been tainted by the blight, and when its foul claw raked across Omdar’s face and shoulder, he received a wound that would never heal.  He would fight that blighted wound and the blight within his jungle for a millennia, until finally passing his burden to two sons, both destined to save Ugoma and become legends in Ujoa and beyond.


I'm a Caribbean born Lecturer, Multidisciplinary specialist/Androgogue/Philosophical Pedagogue; with backgrounds in Philosophy, Social Studies and Geography; founder/CEO of World of Black Heroes, freelance writer and all around comic book geek. I enjoy a good book, video games, movies and most of all fatherhood. Written credits include work for where my writing inspired the music compiliation "Kindah" available in multiple languages on Itunes, The Caribbean Journal of Education, The University of the west indies, Comicvine, Independent comics etc.

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