Cloak and Dagger (Ultimate)

cloak and dagger ultimate1

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: Brian Michael Bendis

1st appearance: Ultimate Comic’s Spider-man #24, 2013

Nationality: American

Relatives: Unknown

Powers: Tandy can generate light and throw ight based energy daggers. Tyrone has darkness based powers of teleportation and containment.


Tandy and Tyrone were the student council presidents of Midtown and Forest Hill High school respectively. They met when Tandy was buying food from a fast food restaurant where Tyone was the assistant manager. They became inseparable ever since and fell in love. On the night of Tandy’s prom Tyrone picked her up in a limousine and as they spoke a terrible accident occurred. Left in a coma they were legally declared dead by the “Roxxon brain trust” so their bodies could be used in their experiments to create the next super soldier. During the experiments which involved Dark Matter Tandy developed light based powers and Tyrone Darkness.[Ultimate Comics Spider-man #24, 2013]

They made their public debut battling the supervillain Bombshell who they defeated in the presence of Miles Morales/Spider-man before teleporting away. [Ultimate Comics Spider-man #23, 2013]

Notable Alternate Versions

Cloak (616)


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