The Fearless Defenders #4 Review

The Fearless Defenders #4 (2)

Come for the banter, stay for the surprises!

Everything Valkyrie knows about her origin is wrong!

And Caroline LeFay unleashes her Doom Maidens upon the world!



The Good

Art- Considering where the story has gone the art may very well be the most impressive thing in this book despite some still and weird poses here and there.

Alternate Cover- Absolutely sexy in every sense of the word! Our much more appropriate alternate cover with Dani Moonstar in her Valkyrie garb fixing her bow while holding a glowing arrow. Good stuff!

Action- Clashing swords and fire breathing monsters destroying cities are all here.

Chemistry- The team is already showing nice dynamics and play off each other well. This bodes well for the future.

Black Hero- Misty Knight keeps rocking that fro and gives us an excuse to pick up this book.

Humor- One thing you can’t fault this book on is its sense of humor thanks to the very over the top Hippolyta.


The Bad

Cover- Sure Valkyrie is scantily clad but can’t say I’m a fan of everything else that’s present.

Retcon- There are two ways to look at the retcon in this issue. 1) Valkyrie’s new past will enhance (hopefully) her status quo in this series and if the book is successful and well met by critics it will impact the rest of the marvel universe. 2) This retcon will go the way of most marvel retcons and the dodo and lead to nothing more than what can be accomplished in this book.

Underutilized- I’m happy they decided to make Misty a co-lead in this book but I’m also curious why most writers including this one can’t find creative ways to use her Stark Tech bionic arm. This thing Liquefies all meat up-close thanks to Savage land Vibranium contained therein it can generate repulsors like the iron man armor yet all this never gets used or mentioned since Daughters of the Dragon #4 way back when!

Art- Some panels are flat and have characters have proportion problems



The Ugly

I’m not impressed really but it’s not the very worst thing on the shelves 2.5/5

stars- 2.5


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