Avengers (2013) #10 Review

Avengers (2013) #10 Review
Avengers (2013) #10 Review

We learn that the Canadian super team Omega Flight got lost in a Garden Origin Site.

Discover what happens when the Avengers go in to rescue them.

Learn why ADAPTATION is the scariest word in the Marvel Universe.

The Good

WTF- I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has no idea what happened this issue or was really confused.

Action-It didn’t last long and we have a very limited idea of what’s going on but watching the Canadian superheroes get dispatched was mighty cool.

Sacrifice- The drama about the agents death is, if what we see at the end is all that takes place between the two then his death makes little sense but if space/time was bent he may well have had a long thirteen day talk with his daughter about what she’s protecting and what it means for earth that the system is online. With his death Hickman continues to pile the mysteries way high. Avengers (2017) #10 pReview

Art– Mike Deodato was perfect this issue. He honestly set the tone and mood on every page, two scenes in particular really sold the tale. The first was when our heroes arrive at the site and see the forest melded with the city. The other had to be when Validator steps out of the glowing pool to face our heroes. This issue hit the mark on every page!

Black Heroes- Eden Fesi and Falcon are both here. Eden continues to be the transport guy while Falcon got a few panels which played on his friendship and camaraderie with Steve Rogers.

13 days– So our heroes spent 327 hours inside in the sphere? So time exists different inside the influence of the sphere than outside.

Omnious- Am I the only one creed out to the max by what just took place? “The system is online now” “we’ve made something and I’m supposed to protect it”? What the hell was made? Why has Validator been tasked with its protection? Has she become one of those referred to by NightMask? The system was broken, now the system is online? What does it all mean!? Oh sweet brain melting mystery.

Flashback- The use or overuse of the flashback is the bane of a great many comics but this one manages to use it just right to enhance the overall tale.

The Bad

Cover- I thought this month’s cover was pretty bland; the new Canadian hero on the right while Wolverine and another new Canadian agent on the left while Captain America looks cut and pasted in the center along with the Avengers logo? No, sorry this does not float my boat guys.

Flashbacks- This may be annoying to some.

Ongoing-Others may find the lack of self contained stories jarring and inaccessible for new readers.

The Ugly

Overall this is clearly another brick in the wall that Hickman is trying to build and as such by itself, as is, is not the greatest comic book ever written but clearly in a TPB it would make for more sense. Still this issue is a 3/5

stars- 3


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