DC Universe Presents #16 Review

DC Universe Presents 16 (1)

It’s the finale of the Black Lightning/Blue Devil team-up — and someone’s going to pay a terrible price!

Is Blue Devil a man in a suit — or a true demon?

Black Lightning faces off against the hellfire-enhanced gangsters of Tobias Whale!


The Good

Art-Robson Rocha’s art is lovely especially in the more action packed scenes.

Dynamic Duo- While I’m still very cross indeed about the loss of Thunder and Lightning I must admit this mini series hasn’t turned out as bad as I originally expected. I still stand by my review of the first entry in this series (Read it here) but the later issues really put a light new spin on Black Lightning, couple that with Blue Devil’s connection to the magical aspect of the new DC Comics and this duo may have a place on my shelf and in my heart one day.

Black Hero- Black lightning reports for duty this issue and dies, but is brought back a few seconds later.

Villain- Not a fan of Whale buck Nibiros was an interesting foil for our duo. Can’t wait for him to bust out of his “prison” and start up even more mayhem!

Action- Where do I start? B-movie villain vs Blue devil? Check! Dead Superhero riddled with gunshot wounds? Check! Electrocution? Check! This one was heavy on the action to keep you coming back for more!

Things to come– So Black Lightning has been altered (like Buffy was when she was brought back to life) by the demon Nebiros. How will that play into his future in the new 52 era of DC Comics? Only time will tell.


The Bad

Cover- Who’s brilliant idea was it to throw some monsters on this one and barley even acknowledges Black Lightning or Blue Devil besides the logo and very small pictures was way off the mark. It’s the worst cover on the stands this month.

It’s over- This issue would have been an interesting starting point for an ongoing centered around these guys unfortunately instead this is the last issue featuring the two as another protagonist takes over next month.

The Ugly

So Black Lightning is younger, hipper and partnered with a kid wearing demonic skin. Good times I guess! 3/5

stars- 3


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