Ultimate Comics Spider-man #20 Review

 Ultimate Comics Spider-man #20 (1)

Ultimate Spider-Man versus Venom! Who is the new Venom?

What is his terrible connection to Miles Morales’ father?

The Good

Cover- Miles Morales all but consumed by Venom on an all white background is much effective. Batwing #17s sparse background was glaring this one was deliberately done and perfectly executed.

Villain- So Venom is back and he’s bringing a world of hurt to Miles Morales and those close to him.

Emotion- As usual Pichelli’s art conveyed just enough of what was going through Miles mind to make this a very touching tale especially with Miles breakdown at the end.

Art- Sarah Pichelli as always does stellar work on every page. Her Venom is particularly nasty looking!

Blame- So now we have the reason for Miles Morales wanting to “Quit” the Spider-Man mantle after his father Jefferson is gravely injured because Venom traced his identity so close to home.

Action- The Miles vs Venom fight was pretty awesome despite Miles way too amateur handling of the villain.

Humor- Despite all the action Bendis manages to have a few very good chuckle worthy moments as Ganke delivers web fluid to Miles only to have it not work in the middle of the fight. lol

The Bad

No Complaints

The Ugly

Action, great art and an emotional tale with ties to the original ultimate Spider-man, more of this please Mr. Bendis! 4.5/5


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