Batwing #14 Review

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Batwing will need all the help he can get to take down a death cult led by Father Lost!


Batwing and Dawn manage to subdue the cult before the police arrive to subdue the cult. David learns Dawn’s identity while Father Lost prepares to deal with Dawn decisively. Batwing arrives on the scene of the ambush on Dawn right as Father Lost seriously wounds her.

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The Good

Cover-Cool looking cover with Batwing literally diving into a maddened crowd of Keepers as the reach out to rip him to shreds! The blue of Batwing’s suit contrasts with the otherwise yellow and orange hues giving it a very distinctive look on the shelves.

Villain- Father Lost is a mystery and a pretty interesting one at that. I like his design and otherwise down and dirty demeanor.

Art- Ryan Winn draws a decent book though it’s not as visually stunning as Shadowman #1 from Valiant and many other books both from DC and Marvel.

New Hero- I like the introduction of Dawn and the revelation of how she ties into David’s past and the unfolding story. Kudos to this book for continuing to add cool black characters to the Caucasian DC universe.

Rating- Also liked how this book was neatly tagged with a teen rating considering the heart rip from chest which occurred in its pages. Can’t tell how many books have been saddled with the wrong rating.

Action- Gotta love a book with so much going on while the story unfolds seamlessly.

The Bad

The end- This is the last issue Judd Winick will be writer on this title……..what will happen to Batwing now? Only time will tell.

The Ugly

Enjoyable from start to finish! 3.5/5

stars- 3.5

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