Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #14 Review

The first-ever Ultimates/Ultimate Spider-Man team up!! * With the nation at war, Miles Morales decides to become a member of the Ultimates and he will do anything it takes to earn the right.


Washington is decimated. The Government is a mess. The Southeast is in chaos. States are seceding from the union. Captain America is back. Spider-Man no more?


Captain America is telling Miles Morales that he can no longer be Spider-man and if he continues to do so he will personally throw him in jail and call his parents. Egged on by Mary Jane, Aunt May and Gwen Stacey, Miles is convinced to prove himself to Cap. Aunt May also gifts him with web shooters so he can websling.

By the time he gets the hang of it he sees the Rhino terrorizing the city. He manages to short out his suit using his venom blast leading cap to agree he can be spider-man but he needs training.


The Good

Cover- Miles in Spider-man garb along with Captain America, it’s a real neat looking cover.

Art-Marquez continues to turn in good art very reminiscent of Pichelli.

Major developments– This issue marks the first time Miles puts on and uses a webshooter, it’s disastrous at first but he manages to get the hang of it. Also noteworthy is Captain America agreeing to accept Miles as Spider-Man and also agree that he needs training.

Funny- Watching Miles hit into walls and crash onto the pavement was pure slapstick humor at it’s very best, a very Bendis moment if I ever saw one!

The Bad

Crossover-I hate crossovers, if you do too you may be bummed out this issue is crossing over with the wider Ultimate universe.


The Ugly

All around a solid issue with meaningful developments 4/5


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