Green Lantern: New Guardians #12 Review

The RING THIEF – unmasked!


The final judgment of INVICTUS!



Kyle confronts Sayd about why she sent the rings to him to form their group. While they quibble about the “how’s” ad “why’s” of it all Invictus ship has entered the orbit of Larfleeze’s home planet. Kyle realizing that they don’t stand a chance against Invictus unless they stand together. He manages to unite them all as Invictus attacks. They discover the source of his power and trap him away from his sun powered ship. Larfleeze takes the now stone like Invictus as a trophy as Sayd explains why she sent the rings to Kyle to create their group. The other members of the group leave unwilling to remain having been brought together by deception.


The Good

Art-Tyler Kirkham, oh how I love your art!  The dynamic colors make this a very gorgeous book!

Cover- Kyle bound on his knees with every emotional spectrum known to man? I like it! I had to stop the urge to make a “Kneel before Zod” joke. lol

Brief interlude- We already know through advanced solicits that the group reforms with new members, larfleeze, Carol Ferris etc. I must say I’m disappointed that my girl Fatality will be gone from the titles since I won’t have an excuse to review this book in the coming months. I’ll still be buying it but you guys won’t get my feedback since we will no longer have a “black hero” in the book 🙁

Continuity- Love the little touches like the Yellow Ring malfunctioning, the bond between Arkillo and Saint Walker, the bond between Sayd and Ganthet, how his violation by the guardians has affected her profoundly, Kyle’s place as unique in the universe all this really added much needed depth to the issue.

Action- Invictus vs the New Guardians round 2, action junkies will b very happy.


The Bad

The end of Fatality on this book 🙁

Invictus seemed way depowered this issue, some may hate that!


The Ugly

Well this issue answers the question raised from this series since Issue #1 and sets up what is to come. Overall: 4/5


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