X-men: The Hidden Years #6 and #7 Review

X-men: The Hidden Years #6 Review

Think the X-Men met Storm in GIANT-SIZE X-MEN #1? Think again! Find out how the group, reunited at last after their Savage Land adventure, first encountered their future teammate as they face Deluge, the mutant weather master!


Beast wakes up in an African Village under the command of Ororo goddess of the Storm. Elsewhere Jean Grey/Marvel Girl searches for the missing Cyclops. He’s found by Deluge an albino African mutant with uncharted energy absorption and manipulation abilities.  Deluge unleashes Scott’s power which alerts the X-men in his vicinity to his location. Beast, Marvel girl and Storm arrive but Deluge easily defeats them all. He then ties them in a valley and unleashes the elements to drown them.

What I liked

Loved the cover with a young Storm front and center with the original X-men in the background. The art was very reminiscent of art before or around the 60’s to 70’s making it looks literally like a product of that time instead of a comic released in 2000. I also liked the villain introduced this issue and wished someone would rework him into modern tales or at least have an alternate timeline version show up somewhere. The original X-men are an endearing and highly nostalgic bunch who I could read about all day especially since they are so innocent at this point……I mean Scott is radically different from his younger self, Beast is now mutated beyond recognition, Jean Grey is dead etc.

All around a solid tale! 3.5/5

stars- 3.5

X-men: The Hidden Years #7 Review

Continuing the tale that reveals how the mutants met Storm before GIANT SIZE X-MEN #1! Cyclops, Beast, Iceman, Angel and Marvel Girl battle the energy-stealing villain called Deluge, before a surprising yet fantastic (hint, hint) ending!


Storm, Beast, Cyclops and Jean Great are on the brink of drowning. Jean takes control of Scott to use his powers to break the dam. Beast’s muscles have recovered from the jolt he got last issue and he breaks his bonds and frees the others. The team then works out a plan to deal with Deluge before the Storm he created threatens the safety of the world. Deluge overestimates his absorption abilities and is vaporized by Cyclops power. Storm cleans up the weather in the aftermath and the X-men make their way home where they run into the Fantastic Four!

What I liked

Cover and art is top-notch. I really like the portrayal of the young X-men and their use of powers. Storm at this point is still a novice in the use of her powers and has a hard time dealing with the out of control “Storm” which stretched from Antarctica to Africa, Literally of global proportions! Jean Grey also makes note of the “secrets” that Prof X has and the knowledge of Storm, which leads directly to her recruitment in Giant Sized X-men #1. Also liked the origin of Deluge and the often forgotten solar absorption powers of Scott Summers which I have not seen mentioned in years!

Overall: A highly enjoyable, action packed, well written retcon! 4/5

stars- 4


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