Ororo: Before the Storm #1 Review


In Mexico an archeologist falls to his death after locating a relic for an unseen employer.

Storm and a group of thieves are on a heist. Nari one of her companions is jealous of her skill and causes the guards they are stealing from to be alerted. They flee but her other companion Hakim is about to be caught so she tries to rescue him as Nari flees, just as the guards surround them her teacher Achmed El-Gibar providing enough of a distraction for them to escape.

Back at base Nari spreads lies of Storm’s demise until she shows up. Achmed punishes Storm for her role in almost being caught when she covers for her friend Hakim. As a result she gets no food, Hakim and her bond over her missing her parents and him never knowing his.

The next day the unseen employer comes to get the service of Achmed El Gibar by offering him allot of gold.

The Good

Cover- Showcases a young pubescent Storm as a thief with glowing solid white eyes. Simple clean and impressive detailed art, I like it!

Characterization- Storm’s prominent character traits of duty, honor and friendship are all used to great effect. I also enjoyed her love and care for her adopted family, this is something continues with her as a goddess in the Serengeti and later teammates in the x-men.

Retcon- While some are not keen on the retconing or fleshing out of established comic lore I actually enjoyed more information on Achmed and this point in Storm’s life.


The Bad

Boring- The tale while interesting for fans of Storm and her past was boring because of a lack of action and no real substance in the story itself.

Art- while some parts looked good, some panels like where Storm leaps off the roof are just weird, there’s a clear inconsistency going on here.


The Ugly



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