Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #12 Review

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #12


Miles must choose between battling his uncle turned crime lord or joining him to keep his family safe! What path will Miles take?!


The Good

Cover- Yes, yes and more yes. This cover is stunning on just about every level I can think of. Colors are soft yet stunning; particles are everywhere while Miles and his uncle both take up just enough of the cover that neither outshines the other. To top things off the header obscures nothing, my favorite cover of July 2012.

Emotions- Arguably the most gripping tale in Miles rise to fame is this battle with his beloved uncle Aaron!  Emotions run high as Miles initially refuses to join his uncle they mount as the two meet just outside his home with threats of exposing his secret identity to his parents. They finally reach a boiling point when they square off on the rooftops that night with Miles finally standing up to Prowler leading to an emotional outburst from his uncle. Emotions that harken back to when Miles own dad left Aaron. This culminates in Aaron proving that he really is a heartless cruel man when he willingly endangers a whole bus full of innocent people. The entire exchange had me at the edge of my seat and just like Miles even after the explosion I was still hoping the old bastard was still alive. Hats off once again to Brian Michale Bendis still one of the best writers in comics today!

Art-David Marquez turns in another stellar piece of work which shines particularly well during the well choreographed fight sequences and the highly emotive faces peppered throughout.

Action– My favorite fights yet for this series. Miles really throws down with Prowler this time with literally “explosive results”.

Humor- Ganke and Miles prep school provide a few chuckles to break up the mounting tension.


The Bad

I honestly loved every single page and panel from start to finish.


The Ugly

Gorgeous cover and art+ Emotionally gripping tale+ Wicked action= A must read! 5/5


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