Green Lantern Corps #10 Review

“ALPHA WAR” part two

JOHN STEWART is on trial for murdering his fellow GREEN LANTERN – but does GUY GARDNER think he’s guilty?

Plus, more of the GUARDIANS’ secret plans to amass a new army!


The Alpha hunters sentence John Stewart to death. The entire corps is shocked. The Alphas meet with Guy Gardner and the guardians to decide how he will be executed. He meets the family of the dead lantern from Green Lantern Corps #7. That night Guy and a few others rescue John much to his dismay. The Alphas respond by sapping the power of all those present.

The Good

Cover- John Stewart is a prisoner and we have a plain white cover with John in chains in the center. It’s quite decent though not stunning or eye catching.

Martyr- It’s interesting that John Stewart the planet killer would not defend himself at all in this situation. He is a man of high honor and values and in this instance it proves to almost be his undoing.

Art- Colors are dynamic while Fernando Pasarin continues to do a great job on the interiors.

The Bad

Impact- This issue fell flat from start to finish for me. Even last issue we already expected John to be sentenced to death and we expected Guy to rescue him. Predictability is never good in creating tension

The Ugly

This series has lost its steam. The familiarity and general lack of excitement or surprise makes this an only passable issue 2.5/5


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  • July 3, 2012 at 3:00 am

    Another black hero gracing the cover in cuffs…first Miles now John. Come’on people!!


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