Spider-Men #1 Review

Written by “Ultimate Comics Spider-Man’s” Brian Michael Bendis, the upcoming miniseries will see the world of superheroing veteran Peter Parker explode as he comes face to face with the younger, hardly-experienced Miles Morales.

The Good

Cover- The standard cover featuring Peter Parker and Miles Morales look good though Miles looks the same age as Peter courtesy of Jim Cheung. One alternate cover has Peter Parker crouched in an alley with his reflection cast as Miles Morales. This is particularly cool! The last cover has Peter in the foreground while Miles wall climbs in the background.

Art- Sara Pichelli makes her triumphant return to illustrating Miles Morales a character she helped design in 2011.

Spider men- Peter Parker and Miles Morales meet for the first time.

The Bad

Out of ideas- Ok let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Years ago Joe Quesada said that a crossover between the main marvel timeline (616) and its ultimate counterpart would mean they (at marvel) had run out of ideas. To be exact he said “If we do that, it means we’re officially out of ideas.” Now of course fanboys and girls are up in arms that this series means exactly what Joe Q said The house of ideas has run out of ideas. Good for a chuckle sure but why are we up in arm because he said one thing and did another? He’s not the first and he won’t be the last.

Tell you a similar story in the early part of the new millennium I owned a Gamecube (Nintendo fan sue me!) and I remember to this day when resident evil 4 was set for release exclusively on that platform Shinji Mikami the director said he would commit Hara-Kiri if the game came to any other platform it was translated to English as him claiming he would cut his head off. As history would have I Resident evil 4 came to Playstation 2, Wii, X-box 360 and PS3. I’m still waiting for Mikami’s eyeball to arrive in the mail for breaking his word and I can tell you I won’t be getting it.  SO GET OVER IT!

Peter Parker- Sorry my love affair with Peter ended in the 90’s I occasionally check in on him, re-launches, brand new day, HOM etc but I’ve outgrown him, he bores me to tears and if you’re tired of Peter I can tell you this first issue almost devoid of Miles Morales will not set your world on fire. Sorry Peter you’re now that prom date we’re embarrassed we did the deed with back in the day.

Boring- Honestly It took forever to read this issue because while it was pretty it lacked anything even remotely exciting taking place until the finale page.

The Ugly

It’s a very pretty book; unfortunately it’s also very boring and underwhelming average 2.5/5


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