Crypt (Character)


Publisher: Image Comics

Created by:  Rob Leifield

1st appearance: Prophet #7, 1994

Nationality: Unknown

Team Affiliations: Unknown

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 6’5              Weight: Unknown

Eyes: Red                Hair: none

Relatives: Judas (adopted daughter)

Skills and abilities: Exceptionally gifted hand to hand and armed combatant.

Powers: Superhuman strength able to spar with Supreme; note supreme is image comics superman and has comparable power; and even shatter his spine.


In an alternate future the being known as Prophet became corrupt and evil and gave birth to the evil that is crypt. How he came back in time is unknown but he took “Judas” a young woman under his wings and gave her superhuman powers. He instructed her to take his essence to a clone of modern-day Prophet in case he was ever killed. When the day did come his essence changed the cloned prophet cyborg into his new body. He clashed with his modern-day counterpart and when Judas turned against him he killed her and joined the forces of hell under Lord Chapel.

With the power of hell enhancing his already formidable power he battled Supreme the image comics version of Superman and managed to both defeat and shatter his spine, leaving him for dead. He then battled Youngblood, the New Men and Blood Strike. He continued to battle the forces of good until his master was defeated, he then disappeared.


I'm a Caribbean born Lecturer, Multidisciplinary specialist/Androgogue/Philosophical Pedagogue; with backgrounds in Philosophy, Social Studies and Geography; founder/CEO of World of Black Heroes, freelance writer and all around comic book geek. I enjoy a good book, video games, movies and most of all fatherhood. Written credits include work for where my writing inspired the music compiliation "Kindah" available in multiple languages on Itunes, The Caribbean Journal of Education, The University of the west indies, Comicvine, Independent comics etc.

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