The Flash #8 Review


Inside the speed force Turbine takes Flash on a tour of the locale and how he ties into it. He lies about Flash’s lady friend not being there. Flash realizing that Turbine is causing all kinds of problems from inside the speed force and not wanting him to travel into the past to disrupt the time stream he grabs him and enters the present. Flash arrives at a point in time as Gorilla grod defeats his father and becomes king of the Ape nation.


The Good

Cover- Pretty cool cover as Flash id seemingly disintegrated by Turbine.

New Black Superhero– Hero or Villain? Not sure yet but Turbine is an interesting addition to our ranks.

Art- Frances Manapul has a distinctive art style complimented by gorgeous dynamic colors.


The Bad

Barry Allen- I get why he’s back but I can honestly say I will never be able to appreciate him as anything other than a fossil. Where the f*** is Wally West? Fan’s of Wally stay away!


The Ugly

Apart from a new black character this title really wasn’t my cup of tea but it wasn’t a bad read 2.5/5


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