Justice League International #8 Review


David Zavimbe is in America due to his adventures (see Batwing #7 and Batwing #8 for details) he visits the injured Vixen who’s laying unconscious in a hospital after an explosion which left a teammate dead and others seriously injured. While there he assists Booster Gold in battle with Lightweaver who proves too much for the duo.

Elsewhere Breakdown meets with the rest of his team who plan to destroy the governments of every nation and those who protect them, Superheroes.

The remaining members of JLI are forced to leave the hospital when their presence is seen as a danger to their injured teammates and the rest of the patients, outside they are attacked by OMAC.

The Good

Cover– It’s a bat sandwich with Batwing and Batman as white bread with Booster as the meat. It’s not as dirty as I made that sound, seriously! (Laugh)

Art- Aaron Lopresti turns in some solid artwork on this book, everything looks good.

Holy Guest Stars Batman!- Batwing and Omac, one from a cancelled book, the other from a steadily declining one…hmmmm, a new home for said characters or hopefully a boost in sales? Maybe both!

Villains- Dan Jurgens my man, the threat you have this team facing are pretty darn awesome! Lightweaver’s powers are reminiscent of a Green Lantern but he’s far more hard hitting as he takes out the team with relative ease and almost kills Batwing to boot.

The Bad

Colors- A bit washed out and subdued. The art would have reached new highs if they had the deepness and contrast of say Green Lantern Corps.

The Ugly



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