Green Lantern Corps #6 Review


Guy Gardner and his team close in on planet Urak to save the John and the captured lanterns.  On Urak John and the others are tortured in hopes that they will give the Keepers the access code needed to enter OA. One of the lanterns gives in but just as he’s about to give the code John snaps his neck and makes a quick escape. His ring doesn’t have enough power. About to be killed he’s saved by Guy and his team. They are almost overwhelmed by the superior numbers when they drop the fear bomb which spreads fear all over the planet bringing them to their knees. Defeated they are sentenced to bury the billion they killed in their war on the guardians.


The Good

Cover- John Stewart+ Hannu + Guy Gardner with big guns =Awesomeness!

Question of morality- In this issue we learn that the keepers have gone to great lengths for their revenge. Sacrificing their race is one such length. How different are they now than the very guardians they are attempting to get their revenge on? They are as emotionless and self serving as the little blue men. They also killed Billions to better their own planet, was it really worth it? On who’s conscience do these crimes lay? On the Guardians who lead them to the brink of devastation? Or themselves for sinking to this level? I love a thought provoking tale!

Art-Fernando Pasarin turns up the killer art work this issue with an absolutely gorgeous splash page with so much detail etched into every panel it’s literally jaw dropping.

Action- Dismemberment, explosions and lops of over the top light shows make this a very action heavy .

Bad ass- This issue continues to portray John Stewart as a soldier willing to do just about anything to always complete his mission. The planet killer strikes again this issue as he kills a fellow corps member to save OA. Sadly this was moments before they were rescued 🙁 one things for certain you do not want to f*** with John Stewart of earth!

The Bad

Anti-climatic– After all the build up it would have been better for me personally if the war hadn’t been wrapped up so decisively.


The Ugly



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