Justice League (2012) #5 Review


Flash is the first of the team to recover followed by Superman who again get attacked by darkseid. Superman is taken prisoner while Green Lantern’s hand is broken before batman confides his secret identity to him and heads to Apokalips. On earth the team rallies around Green Lantern who leads them into another attack.

The Good

Art- Jim Lee continues to shine with great art!

Cover- Most of the covers are pretty sweet!

Villain- Darkseid has always been a very epic villain. Powerful, confident and exudes power that makes men tremble. Here Jim and Geof use him to great effect. With nary a single word uttered our villain cuts a swath through our heroes that leaves a foreboding and “be very afraid” feeling lol I am loving the inclusion of Darkseid one of my all time favourite dc supervillains.

Green Lantern- As much as I hate Hal it was pretty awesome to see him take the fight to Darkseid better than anyone else even though he got his arm broken.

The Bad

Secret Identity- Sorry but Batman discloses his secret identity in the middle of a battlefield, why? This scene really didn’t work for me at all. Sure he’s the man with an eternal plan but how the hell does this help the team in any way?

Batman’s costume- So the bat symbol peels off like a sticker now….right!  Why?

New DC U- This is the problem with the weird way in which this reboot works. Batman and Hal hate each other as a result of Hal becoming Parallax. Now I’m assuming this never happened…….so they no longer have this history…or do they? But later on after the Justice League is formed? Your guess is as good as mine. I’m so god damned lost!

Cheesy- that hero speech was far too silver age comic to be in this modern tale, fail on so many levels!

Team- Now that the team is together the focus has shifted to Flash, Batman and Green Lantern. With one more issue left for the opening arc I can’t help but feel that Superman and Aquaman are just not going to get the fleshing out they need. Cyborg our eyes and ears in this new status quo becomes background in this issue. A step back instead of forward, not cool guys!

Geoff Johns pet- I couldn’t help but chuckle as Geoff’s pet Green Lantern was arguably the big hero in this issue. I expect this to happen allot while following this book since it’s well known John’s pops a boner every time he hears or sees Hal Jordan.

The Ugly



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