Idris Elba kicks ass in Ghost Rider Vengeance!

Sue me I’m late, but honestly I couldn’t care less about the Ghost rider franchise staring Nicholas Cage. The first movie was passable at best and terrible at worst so I have not watched any trailers or read anything related to it. While checking up on my main man Dris who turned in an excellent job as the Black Norse god Hemdall which left more than a few racists foaming at the mouth, I realized he will show up in Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance as Moreau. Who is Moreau?  Well according to THR:

“An alcoholic monk/warrior tasked with finding and recruiting the Ghost Rider.  (The character is introduced deflecting bullets with a sword, so he’s extremely awesome.)”

Watching the trialers also confirms that Dris will be a complete badass in this upcoming flick. It doesnt hurt that the trailers also peak my interest in the movie….though on a reantal basis as opposed to shelling out money in the theatures.



Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance hits theaters February 17, 2012


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