Astonishing X-men #44 Review

Storm needs Cyclops’ help with a special mission, but it ends up being much more than they bargained for.
Oh, and they kiss. WHAT!?!?


Scott leader of the Utopia based X-men gets checked over in the med lab and seems to be making allot of progress. In the Locker room he looks on at the empty lockers of the departed X-men and lashes out. Storm arrives on Utopia from Wakanda and the two engage in a playful battle which appears to be exactly what he needed.  They take a trip together and face some sentinels and share a passionate kiss. This causes Scott to realize he’s trapped in an illusion and he wakes up in a containment cell of some kind. Emma is there as well as an alternate timeline version of Wolverine and Nightcrawler. Scott lashes out with his powers and the energy travels upward to the city and grants them electricity. A blonde man walks out with Storm behind him telling the humans to thanks the mutants that their feeble species don’t die.

The Good

Story- An alternate timeline tale, it’s been awhile since I read one of those, sign me up Greg Pak for the thrill ride!

Art- Fits the tone of the other worldly tale well, Mike McKone has always had a distinct style and thankfully it works here. The colors by Rachelle Rosenberg compliment the art pretty well though they lack dynamics and have a washed out feel.

Action- Storm vs Cyclops while playful did show quite a few explosions and acrobatics to keep fans happy.

New Dynamic– Scott and Ororo sharing a kiss whether alternate timeline or not makes you look at Storm and Cyclops in a whole new way + Scott didn’t mind the kiss so he has at least an attraction to our Storm.

Cover-Mike McKone’s Kiss seen round the world cover still looks awesome!

The Bad

Cover– Marvel’s misdirection or just plain false advertising strikes again with this misleading cover art. (Chuckle) its tasteless how much buzz it creates and the story inside is about our Scott and an alternate timeline Storm. Reminds me of when marvel touted that Black Panther vs Luke Cage fight and the issue in question had two panels dedicated to said “fight”. Bad taste guys seriously!

Astonishing?– I’ve had a problem taking this title seriously since Joss Whedon left. I’m still of the mind that this book should have been cancelled a long time ago since nothing since Joss left can even remotely be considered “Astonishing”.

The Ugly

How devastating average 2.5/5

stars- 2.5


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