Anarchist (Character)

Tike Alicar-Anarchist

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: Peter Milligan and Mike Allred

1st appearance: X-Force # 116, 2001

Real Name: Tike Alicar

Nationality:  USA

Team Affiliations: X-force, X-statix

Legal Status: US citizen with no criminal record

Height: 6’3          Weight: 225 llbs

Eyes: Brown                    Hair: Black, with orange streaks

Relatives: Unnamed biological parents, Unnamed foster mother, father and grandfather.

Skills and abilities: Capable leader, fighting skills allow him to spar with Captain America.

Powers: Tike exudes acidic sweat, which he could throw like a highly charged energy blast. It usually vaporized targets once it made contact.

Tike was adopted by a white couple living in Alaska. As he grew older he developed OCD which involved washing his hands constantly to try and look more like his parents since he didn’t understand why they looked different. His powers soon manifested as well. He later joined the new media friendly X-force. After most of the team was killed he was considered for leadership though he lost to Orphan. New teammate Spike also caused tension when he perceived Tike as an “Oreo” because of his upbringing. A later battle saw  two more teammates dead though he did finally gain leadership and started a relationship with teammate Deadgirl.

They toured briefly together as the “death and anarchy” before battling the avengers over ownership of doop. Here he held his own against Captain America. The team is later killed i n a finale mission.


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