Bishop The Last x-man #1 Review


In the mansion of the X-men Bishop has a nightmare about the time in which he grew up and the many that Fitzroy has killed. Storm tries to console him but he takes off to find his sister Shard and finally put an end to Fitzroy. He finds his sister who is more terrified than he’s ever seen her in his life. He discovers a roomful of dead bodies including children who Fitzroy has killed. Before his sister can warn him however they are attacked by men exiting portals clearly made by Fitzroy. They target Bishop and ignore Shard. Bishop manages to collapse a building and save a child taking down many of his attackers as well. They think him dead and depart via portal. When Bishop awakens he is in another time.

A coach is attacked by mutants with marks similar to Bishop’s on their faces. The coach escapes and Bishop Collapses from blood loss and broken ribs injuries he sustained in the main timeline. They decide to take him back to camp. Back at the Chronomancer’s citadel he is revealed to be Fitzroy; he is sure his rival Bishop is already here.

The Good

AccessibilityBishop as he was meant to be driven, heroic and conflicted, the flashback which opens the tale gives just enough background on who Fitzroy, Shard and bishop are for this issue to be easily accessible to new readers.

Cover-Badass Bishop in his prime, dreads, energy in hand, rugged XSE X-men combination costume with a knife to boot! The background has shadowy children with glowing eyes. Great Cover!

Action– Nice neat bits of action sprinkled throughout the issue will keep action junkies happy.

Family- Shard is the good cop and Bishop the bad cop always has been always will be! The bond between these two is touched on this issue with their brief reunion

Rivalry- Bishop and Fitzroy have one of those classic comic book rivalries that works on all levels. While it’s not expressly stated here the history of Shard and Fitzroy is alluded to. These men are opposites in every sense of the word and hate each other more passionately, that is portrayed well.

The Bad

Storm- She’s wearing the wrong costume for this period.

Time travel- some will shrug thinking of yet another time travel tale.

The Ugly



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