Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #8 Review

War of the Green Lanterns, Part Three


Guy Gardner, Kilowog and Arissia are headed toward Oa. Before they reach the planet the Yellow impurity is restored. Arissia is the only one of the trio that gets taken over. The now corrupted Corp attacks our duo and captures them. Killowog sacrifices himself to save Guy. He calls for help and gets Hal, the meet up at the “Green House” a snow planet. There they piece together that their past possession by Parallax is what’s kept them resistant to his influence. Unknown to them his subtle influence cause a massive fight between the two who luckily manage to remove their rings before they kill each other. Now powerless and stranded they contemplate their next move.

The Good

Rivalry- This issue is almost run entirely on the rivalry of Hal and Guy and it works perfectly. These guys have a history of hating each other and clashing longer than most superheroes have career so it was great to see this highlighted. Guy views Hal as the reason he’s not the greatest Green Lantern while Hal thinks of Guy as just another hot head. I enjoyed this allot!

Art- The art was adequate.

Cover- A painted cover illustrating Guy choking the life out of Hal? Love it!

Action- Of all the issue in the Green Lantern War thus far this one had the best fight scenes.

The Bad

Alternate cover- Guy being beat up by Hal could have been a great cover but it looks like an unused panel from the interiors. Not cool!

Colors- The art was murky and nowhere as good as the other Green Lantern books. The colors fell flat with the lack of even a single dynamic panel.

The Ugly



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