Green Lantern Corps #50 Review


Ganthet, Natu and Kyle are on the run from the Alpha Lanterns. Cyborg Superman/Henshaw recounts his origins to John while he converts him. He reveals he wants Ganthet to end his long life since he has not been able to get death any other way. After Kyle and Ganthet rescue John, Ganthet gets captured. The trio of John, Natu and Kyle regroup to save Ganthet but the odds are against them, Henshaw has a whole world’s population at his disposal.

The Good

Recap- New readers get the tale of Hank Henshaw which makes him and the issue new reader friendly.

Mystery- The mystery of who had set Henshaw on his new path is foreboding enough to make the coming months worthwhile.

Action- A smidge of Action kept things from being too boring.

The Bad

Recap- While the recap of Henshaw’s life up till that point was great for new readers it was far too long. Too much time was spent on this rehash and not enough spent on the here and now!

The Ugly



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