Green Lantern Corps #49 Review


Cyborg Superman laments why the Alpha Lantern allowed the guardians to change them into cyborgs like him. John and Boodika arrive on the machine planet where radio silence has been maintained for the last two weeks. On the planet they discuss how Boodika is now a machine and lost all her passion while he refused the alpha lantern process. John discovers other lanterns being prepped for the Alpha Lantern Process and the lost squad trainer Stel. John then gets attacked by the Alpha Lanterns including Boodika since they have all been commandeered by Cyborg Superman.

Back on OA Kyle asleep with Natu has a dream about his ex-Girlfriend the recently revived Jade. They have a brief argument before they are summoned by Ganthet. They make their way to the Machine planet to save John. On Qward the natives discover a remnant of the white light. On the Machine world They get their rings half drained and have to go into hiding. John meanwhile gets taken to Cyborg Superman to be changed into an alpha Lantern.

The Good

Villain-I love Cybrog Superman! He’s actually a better villain for Green Lantern than he’s ever been over in the superman books. That red and black costume, Sexy! Here he’s commandeered the entire alpha lantern Corps which while predictable does make for a cool tale.

Humor- Kyle, Kyle, Kyle. Shoot me I love Kyle! Anyway 😛 his dream of Jade and calling out her name while sleeping with his new girlfriend was right up there with other great Kyle Moments like kissing Donna while with Jade LOL some situations only work with some characters and that was a completely Kyle Moment! Natu’s reaction was hilarious as well!

Action- John’s fight with the Alpha Lanterns and the drainage on Natu, Kyle and Ganthet are preludes for what I’m hoping will be a great battle in the issues to come.

 Art– Great colors and ink work, glowing lights and bright greens make for a great looking comic.

 Covers- Both covers look great, one has the group the other with just Boodika and John, Lovely!

The Bad

Predictability- Everything was predictable, from the Cyborg Superman take over of the Alpha Lanterns. Seriously no one saw this coming when Alpha Lanterns were introduced? Yup we all saw it coming!

The Kyle and Natu drama was also too cliché and too safe, it was alas predictable territory for the character of Kyle.

The Ugly



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