Shadowland- Blood on the Streets #3 Review


Another man gets killed in an ally. Silver Sable saves Misty and Paladin from certain death and they come up with a theory that Mr. Negative is behind everything. They split up to search for more leads. Shroud meanwhile tracks the name of the now deceased man as a pedophile.  Misty tries her lead with former partner Rafe but anything concerning DD and the Hand the police don’t deal with at all. Paladin roughs up Negative’s men right before the Hand attacks and almost kills him, he’s saved by the shroud. Sable’s contacts find a common link between the murdered men and she tries to call misty whose mind is away in thought about the baby, her relationship and why she can’t let things go. Distracted she gets beaten to a bloody pulp by men working for Mr. Negative as she lays there bloody she realizes who’s behind the whole thing.

The Good

Things ramp up in this issue! Bullets fly, mysteries mount and people bleed!

We get good action scenes between Paladin and the hand along with the opening scene where Misty, Paladin and Sable throw down with the gangsters.

Nice mystery!

Gorgeous cover art!

Nice interiors!

The Bad

My interest is piqued as to who’s behind all this….lets hope it’s not as predictable as Kingpin or Mister Negative because predictability is the death of any good tale!

Paladin gets’ taken down too easy by the hand ninja, he should be skilled enough to take them but he goes down like a house of dominoes.

The Ugly

4/5 Action, mystery and great characterization!


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