New Avengers #6 Review


Wolverine has been given the power of the gathered heroes and is transported to the light dimension to battle Agamotto. The villain transforms into a variety of people from Logan’s past. Voodoo’s brother intervenes and voodoo loses focus. Outside the sky opens once again and a crowd gathers in front of the mansion. Loosing, Voodoo takes the eye and goes to the light dimension to destroy Agamotto but in so doing is himself destroyed along with the eye. His brother vows vengeance on the avengers for his death and Hellstrom storms off.

The Good

I liked the art, Brother voodoo gets a heroes death.

Finally this tedious storyline can come to an end (yay)

The Bad

At the end Hellstrom claims the avengers saved the day…um…NO! unless I’m brain dead and blind I clearly saw Voodoo put the smack down on a creature the avengers, Strange and Hellstrom were too afraid to confront. It’s BS like this why some people think comics are racist; can’t a black man get his props even for a suicidal world save? I guess NOT!

Not only did Bendis kill off a black character just for the hell of it he also made another an enemy of the avengers team. Talk about a step forward and ten back sheesh!

The whiney constant screaming after a brother or teammate is really starting to grate on my damn nerves! It’s cliché and dumb!

The Ugly



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