New Avengers #2 Review


Demon possessed Luke grows to gigantic proportions and attacks the team who try to get the eye of agamotto from his clutches. Parts of the mansion are destroyed; Spiderman takes care of the baby which Ms. Marvel manages to keep the eye safe. Wolverine frees Strange and Hellstrom from possession. Iron Fist gets a hold of the eye and the demon jumps bodies into him. Voodoo arrives to stop the “theft” as him Strange and Hellstrom prepare spells the demon possessed Iron fist vanishes and they all start to weep. Apparently with the eye of Agamotto in another dimension Earth has forfeited its right to defend against demon invasion. The sky opens and demons rain down.

The Good

Art is great as well as colors.

Brother voodoo makes a grand entrance.

Luke Cage and Brother voodoo, two black in one book.

The bad

WTF is up with all the weeping? Sure hell will come to earth BUT c’mon! Three of the most powerful magic users in marvel and they all start crying like little girls once the eye goes missing? THAT IS CONTRIVED BS. It broke the flow of the story because it was forced!

This book is still mighty boring when one considers the gem which was new avengers vol.1

The whimpering from Luke’s wife while he was possessed was just so cliché! She’s a hero she knows the drill! No one is trying to kill him! He needs to be subdued and this chick is whining? Please No more of that relationships like that SUCK! Go look at the vomit inducing shag which was Jean Grey and Scott summers.

The importance of the eye of Agamotto revealed at the end of all this was trite…it would of held more weight and tension from the start. Next time see how it’s done check Buffy where Dawn is the key/Eye of Agamotto and all hell breaks loose if the bad guys get it as a prime example of how this IS supposed to be done.

The Ugly



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