Generation-X #62 Review


Tabitha, Monet’s friend who was killed by a vampire rises from her grave. The next morning Monet alerts the police she knows where the killer is. She leads them to the headmaster’s office where she pulls back the curtains to reveal him as a vampire. He doesn’t however and tells the police she has been acting up ever since her classmate’s death. Once they leave she warns him that she still knows his secret and she will put a stop to him. They exchange words and she leaves his office not sure what to make of him since he doesn’t have the sunlight weakness of your typical garden variety Vampire.

Without the resources of the Xavier Institute she uses the internet as her source of information to kill vampires. At Night she is attacked by Tabitha who she easily stakes. In the headmaster’s office he tries to snack on another of Monet’s friends. Monet clad in her Gen-X costume confronts him again and he flees. She takes her friend to safety and the headmaster’s secretary attacks her as another vampire. She quickly turns her to dust.

He tries eating another student and Monet tracks him via  telepathy, a fight ensues and she kills him. Putting an end to his decades of terror the school is shut down and she saves the day. She returns to the Xavier institute knowing this is her place in the world.

The Good

Monet returns to Gen-X after defending the weak and innocent girls of her boarding school. She uses her strength, reflexes and telepathy to easily take down all the vamps in record time, Buffy would be proud 🙂

The Bad

Terrible very obviously rushed art work. The pages are simply cringe worthy. To make matters even worse the pages seems to change artist every few pages…none better than the other…just ghastly!

The Ugly

2.5/5 average


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