Generation-X #61 Review

Generation X #61 – Christmas Fear: Part Two



Monet St. Croix has been taken from the Massachusetts academy where she was a member of Emma Frost’s school for the gifted along with classmates Jubilee, Skin, Synch and Husk. Her father thought the school was too dangerous for his favorite child so she was sent to a private boarding school in the Swiss Alps. She is about to find out that danger is never far behind when you’re a mutant……



At Monet’s new School Tabby who Monet found attacked last issue is wheeled out on a stretcher. She has died unnaturally with two distinct puncture marks on her neck. Monet tries to keep her roommate calm when Mr. Delacourte the school’s headmaster tries to console them in this time of grief by having them go to bed and come to his office in the morning so he can speak with them in private.

In the morning Monet meets with him as he consoles her in this moment of trauma. His eyes go yellow as he tries to hypnotize her. Luckily her telepathy naturally leaves her unaffected. Before she knows what’s happening he pounces on her and sinks his fangs into her neck. Using her strength she easily tosses him aside, unprepared for her powers he flees. Monet then realizes that the whole school is a sham, Delacourte ha the girls at his mercy.

Generation –X face off with Juggernaut and Black Tom for the sake of Cordelia Frost. They win.


The Good

Classic Monet 🙂 gotta love her!

This issue had Monet tackling an enemy she doesn’t have experience fighting or much knowledge of, which considering her power set is always a welcome change. It also finds her isolated and alone, something despite what she claims she’s not a fan off  this is supported  when her first reaction to being attacked is to call her friends 😛

This issue also leads up to her rejoining the Gen-X team after months of talking down to them and pretending as if they didn’t matter. Monet is a lone hero with a school of girls to protect 🙂 what fun!!


The Bad

The issue was very uneven in the art department. Kevin sharp has a style here reminiscent of Terry Dodson but lacking his smoothness. As a result the parts that look ‘Dodson like” seem forced and lackluster. Conversely the pages he spent time and effort on such as the opening battle between Gen-x and Juggy are nice.

This issue didn’t have Monet seeing much action 🙁


The Ugly

2/5 slightly below average


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