Greystone (Character)


Created by: Howard Mackie and Jaime Mendoza

1st appearance: X-Factor #140, 1997

Nationality: Unknown

Legal Status: Unknown

Weight: Variable                   Height: Variable

Eyes: Brown                              Hair: Black

Relatives: Unnamed mother (deceased)

Skills and Abilities: Trained soldier in the X.S.E Army.

Powers: He had the power to increase his strength and mass exponentially by way of making himself bigger. There was no recorded limit to how much strength and mass he could take on, making him potentially as strong as or stronger than powerhouses such as Hulk and Thor. The only drawback was that his face became more grotesque the larger he became.



Another mutant from Bishop‘s time line (earth 1191). Just like Bishop and Shard he grew up in a mutant concentration camp. Unlike the others however he developed his powers while undergoing the branding exercise. As a result his face was only partially branded. As he slaughtered his attackers his mother pleaded with him to  stop as she didn’t want him to be killed. She was then struck down by the man in charge of his camp, Micah. As he leap to kill Micah however the Summer’s rebellion begun and the two were separated. In the coming years he joined the X.S.E (Xavier’s Security Enforcers) a peace keeping force similar to the present day X-men. He was easily the most mentally unbalanced of the X.S.E. due to trauma he underwent during the summers rebellion where the last of his family was killed. He joined with fellow rebels of the X.S.E; Fixx, Archer and later Shard; to form the X.U.E (Xavier’s Underground Enforcers). They plotted to travel back in time and alter the future to save millions of lives. When they finally came back in time thanks to Shard, they stopped a pivotal event which would have killed thousands of mutants thank to the legacy virus and also stopped Micah from ever being created. Trapped in the past however left him more mentally unbalanced and even willing to alter time for his own sake. Obsessed with seeing his mother again after altering time he tried to travel back to the future to be with her in a makeshift aircraft/time machine. A battle ensued between himself and Havok and both were seemingly killed in the explosion. He has not been seen since.

NB: When he traveled back to the past he inhabited the body of a small white child. It was only when he activated his powers he reverted to himself.


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