Dillon (Character)


Publisher: Pulpwork Press/Pro Se Productions

Created by: Derrick Ferguson

1st Appearance: Dillon and The Voice of Odin (2003)

Nationality: Citizen of Usimi Dero, Adopted citizen of The Eternal City of Shamballah

Team Affiliations: The Specialists

Legal Status: Wanted in 23 separate countries for various acts of extreme violence,   mayhem and covert espionage activities. Enjoys a unique diplomatic privilege due to his status as a Special Agent to The Lord Chancellor of Xonira, an island nation in The South China Seas that grants him a measure of immunity to arrest and prosecution.

Height: 6’4”          Weight: 240 lbs.

Eyes: Copper. They’re usually the color of freshly minted American pennies. When angered, the rush of blood to his head causes the irises to darken to a molten, moody gold.

Relatives: None

Skills and Abilities: Trained by the legendary Warmasters of Liguria, Dillon is a master of various martial arts and this, combined with mental and physical disciplines make him an extremely formidable opponent. Upon leaving Shamballah after seven years of training he returned to the world and set about locating individuals with extraordinary skills to train him further so that he could travel the world helping and aiding the oppressed until he located those responsible for killing his parents and destroying his homeland of Usimi Dero.

Dillon’s range of talents and skills are protean in variety.  He speaks eight languages fluently: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Swahili, Portuguese and Arabic and can get by in half a dozen others.  His physical skills border on the superhuman as he has displayed exceptional athleticism in feats of agility, speed and strength. He’s capable of bench pressing 1000 pounds and can run a mile in three minutes flat. His physical abilities are due in large part to his training in Shamballah. But unknown even to Dillon himself, his father injected his mother with various formulas of his own concoction while Dillon was still in the womb.

The experimental formulas gifted Dillon with a metabolism that does not build up fatigue poisons in his system as quickly as an average human giving Dillon far greater endurance. His cognitive and physical abilities also appear to have been enhanced, gifting him with increased energy, a vastly higher tolerance for pain and less need for sleep. His senses and reflexes are significantly above average and while he is no scientist he has demonstrated an aptitude for various and diverse scientific disciplines such as biology which he studied under Nobel Prize winner Dr. Harold Wolper at the University of California and archeology with Professor Sydney Fox at Trinity College.

Quite naturally he is expert with an amazing range of modern and ancient weapons, including but not limited to handguns, automatic weapons and bladed weapons.


From the little revealed about it so far, Usimi Dero was a technological island paradise destroyed by Thahali, She Who Wears The Dress Of Seven Sufferings when Dillon was 12 years old. Apparently, his father died there while Dillon and his mother escaped. They spent an unspecified amount of time being chased by agents of Thahali who pursued them to Shamballah, hidden in the Himalayas. Dillon’s mother died to ensure Dillon reached Shamballah safely where he was adopted by The Warmasters of Liguria, who had also trained his mother.

Dillon spent the next seven years being trained by The Warmasters in various martial arts as well as exceptional physical and mental disciplines. After those seven years, Dillon elected to leave Shamballah and return to the world.  He was warned by The Warmasters that he might never find his way back.  His mother was the first person in nearly five hundred years to find Shamballah twice, a feat considered to be miraculous.


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