Joey N’bobo (Character)

Publisher: DC Comics

Joey Nbobo

Created by:  Chuck Dixon and Scott McDaniel

1st appearance: Richard Dragon #1, July 2004

Nationality: Angolan

Team Affiliations: The Circle of six

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 5’11                    Weight: 180 lbs

Eye color: Brown             Hair color: Black

Relatives: Unknown

Skills and abilities: Joey was a master of Capoiera thus he has exceptional strength in his legs his height also gives him substantial reach when fighting for his kicks and sweeps.

Powers: None.


What is known is that he is an African by birth from Angola to be precise and after honing his skills in the art of capoiera he then was head of a death squad in the same country. After this he graduated to killing for money, he became a mercenary. He then caught the eye of  Lady Shiva  and was recruited into her group the Circle of Six. Their he clashed with Bronze Tiger, Dick Grayson and Richard Dragon who defeated him and broke his leg. He was taken into police custody and once the leg had healed he broke out and sought out Lady Shiva.   He found her as she was remaking the league of assassins for Nyssa, daughter of ras al Gaul. He trained with them for weeks but When he dared question an order by Lady Shiva she defeated him in battle and ripped his guts from body. He died as his blood and entrails pooled on the floor. He is later resurected by Lazara and killed by Cassandra Cain.



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