Lothar (Character)

Prince Lothar

Created by: King Features Syndicate

1st appearance: Mandrake the Magician 1934 (comic strip)

Nationality: African

Aliases: Lother Prince of the Seven Nations; Strongest Man in the World

Team Affiliations: Defenders of the Earth

Legal Status: no criminal record

Height:  6’8″             Weight: 250lbs

Eyes: Brown               Hair: Bald

Relatives: unknown

Skills and abilities: Skilled Hand to Hand Combatant, Master of Stealth

Powers: Super Strength (can lift up to 7 tons), Invulnerable to “any weapon made by man”, Super Stamina, Impervious to heat and cold,

Weapons: none


Lothar is one of the first black crime fighting heroes to ever appearing in history appearing alongside Mandrake the Magician in his inagural srtip in July of 1934. He is the first black character to be treated with respect instead of the degrading images that came before him although he once was referred to as Mandrake’s “giant black slave” in a 1935 work by King Features Syndicate. In the beginning, Lothar was first being portrayed as wearing small shorts, a red fez, and a leopard skin. He spoke very poor English, and was there more for his muscle than his mind. Often credited by Mandrake as being “The Strongest Man in the World,” Lothar would live up to this title. He first met Mandrake when the magician was traveling through Africa. Lothar was the “Prince of the Seven Nations,” a great union of tribes. He gave up a chance to be king to travel the globe with Mandrake fighting evil in all its forms. He was modernized in 1965 by artist Fred Fredericks, gaining a change in clothes to now a leopard skin shirt and spoke correct English.  It was now that he was portrayed more as Mandrake’s friend, partner and equal than as a simple manservant. and are one of if not the first interracial crime fighting teams.



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