Tribal Tuesday: Tribe #6 Art

I don’t think many of you realize how much of a special place in my collection Tribe #1 by Larry Stroman and Todd Johnson holds in my memory. I had to repurchase Tribe #1 because as a kid I never truly appreciated what I had in my possession. takes great pride in pretty much being the only site on the web that is even talking about Larry Stroman and Todd Johnson’s Tribe as a viable comeback. This month we have a gem for all you salivating Tribe fans out there. It’s an unpublished page from Tribe #6.

You heard that right!

Stroman goes full-on sexy this time with artwork fitting for a teenaged boy’s wall. It’s not so much provocative as it’s just sexy as f**k! Love the details! Love the line work! Still want all the Tribe books without color! Who is the character? My guess  is it’s Fly-Girl the model turned superhero who never managed to make it outside of trading cards. The length of the hair and the lack of girth on the hips and thighs rules out the voluptuous Rosalyn.

Let us know what you think below and check back the last tuesday of next month for the next Tribal Tuesday highlight!




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