Sahara (Character)


Publisher: Image Comics

Created by: Joe Casey and Richard Starkings

1st appearance: Hip Flask #1, (September 2002)

Real Name: Sahara Serenghetti

Team Affiliations: Elephantmen

Legal Status: Unknown

Height: 5’11              Weight: 127 lbs

Eyes: Brown                   Hair: Brown

Relatives: Joshua Serengeti (Father), Kala (Mother), Unnamed son


She is the unwanted daughter of Joshua Serengeti and his mistress Kala. Her childhood was relatively happy as her mother managed to escape the clutches of Serengeti and sequester Sahara away in her father’s quite village. At the age of about seven she witnessed a lion kill an Antelope, she cried but her mother told her that “For an Antelope to survive he must run faster than the fastest lion and a lion can only survive by being faster than the slowest Antelope, in the Serengeti one thing is for certain you better run”. Those words always stayed with her. Soon after her father’s men massacred the men of her village and the women were sold off including her mother. Forced to walk across the barren desert in the vain hope of survival she and those who remained trekked. The only keepsakes she could bring with her was a fertility fetish that her father had given her mother hoping its presence would have her bore him a son. Once at the shelter those who survived were given medical treatment. The arrival of her father however brought with it even more horror [Elephantmen #19].

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Taken back to his camp she was raped by one of her father’s child soldiers in the hope she would provide him a grandson and heir. Sahara was then subjected to the female circumcision ritual. For the next seven years she was forced to sleep with boy soldiers and Serengeti’s malicious cohorts and cronies. She bided her time waiting until she could do as her mother taught her. When a UN rescue patrol drove too near to Camp she ran as fast as she could escape her living nightmare and found freedom [Elephantmen #19].

Somehow she managed to became a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations and freed the Elephantmen/Transgenics [Elephantmen #25, Elephantmen #0.5]. Knowing full well that her mother had given birth to one of them she had incredible compassion for them. She helped in de-programming them [Elephantmen #25]. Over the next ten years she fell inlove and became fiancé to Obidiah Horn the most well known of the Elephantmen [Elephantmen #25].

She also became a world famous super model though she hardly appeared in public by herself anymore. She eventually became pregnant with Obidiah Horn’s child.


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