Dwayne McDuffie’s Estate Sues Over Milestone 2.0

Milestone 2.0 as far as I’mconcered is a misfire. They announced a return then went into hibernation with NOTHING happening from the announcement in 2015. SDCC 2017 saw Hudlin throw shade at DC Comics and Jim Lee claiming things were still on the way. None of this leaves me either excited or optimistic. Now we have this, Milestone 2.0 is being sued by the Dwayne McDuffie Estate:

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Charlotte McDuffie, the widow of the late comic creator Dwayne McDuffie, has filed a lawsuit against the revived Milestone Media for neglecting to include McDuffie’s estate in the new venture.

According to Variety, the lawsuit alleges that at the time of his death in 2011 after complications from heart surgery, McDuffie owned 50% of Milestone Media, with Derek Dingle the owner of the other half. Instead of buying out McDuffie’s shares of the company, Dingle — along with Reginald Hudlin and Denys Cowan — formed Milestone Media Company LLC. Dubbed Milestone 2.0, the company planned to use characters that McDuffie and his partners made famous, like Static Shock and Icon. According to Hudlin, the idea for a Milestone relaunch originated when he met Dingle and Cowan at the former Marvel and DC writer’s wake.

Charlotte McDuffie claims she has met “stalling and stonewalling tactics” after inquiring about Milestone 2.0. The new company is working with DC Comics to launch an imprint with the Milestone heroes, while also negotiating with other publishers “all the while utilizing the intellectual property rightfully owned by Milestone, without compensation to Milestone or McDuffie’s estate, and without the consent of the Plaintiff or McDuffie’s heirs.”


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As for me the longer Milestone stallS the more I grow attacked to the sublime independent scene; Valiant Entertainment, PowerVerse, Image Comcis etc; out there who are doing diversity right, minus the drama and the dissapointment.


[Source Cbr]


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