Spirit’s Destiny Issue #1 Review

Spirit's Destiny #1
Spirit’s Destiny #1


In the dark of night a figure moves in the shadows and breaks into a home. The figure stands over the crib of an infant girl and injects her with a mysterious substance and whispers to her that it is for her own good. The infants mother awakens and calls the police, and proceeds to her daughter’s room to find the figure holding her baby. After exchanging blows, the figure flees with the arrival of the cops. Flash forward; the child has grown into a teen now. The teen; Spirit; has been suspended from school fr fighting, and has snuck out the house with friends to check out something at a lab that his mom works at.  The friend tried to get the machine to work but fails; or so he thought. With her back turned to the machine, it suddenly activates and sends a bolt of unknown energy forward, striking Destiny. As one friend checks on her the other goes for help.

What I thought

Before even opening up the book I was highly impressed by the cover. If the goal of the cover is to draw in potential readers, then consider the first goal met because I found myself really glued to it. I admit I was anxious to see what the interiors looked like and I was not disappointed. Although there were a team of artist that worked on the story, each page flowed seamlessly into the other, and no particular art style stood out over anyone else’s. That alone is impressive as well. The story was well written with the opening pages skillfully setting up the mystery and suspense. While it would have been nice to see some flashbacks as to how Spirit’s mother and father met, at this point it is not important yet, and maybe even would have made the story feel rushed. The scenes with the friends were a bit confusing as there was no type of explanation why they would go break into the lab, and by us not knowing what the machine’s purpose is, we are left to figure out what’s happening on our own. This will probably be all explained in the next issue, though. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this first issue and look forward to the next. The art team did a fantastic job on both the cover and the interiors and the writer’s script is great! 3.5/5 stars

stars- 3.5

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