Meet Tv’s Cloak and Dagger!

In case you’ve been under a rock the Cloak and Dagger Tv Series which was announced some time ago. Way back in 2010 we announced via the Hollywood reporter that the duo was TV bound since then we have watched as it was officially announced and now a cast is attached. With that we now have a confirmation that the series will debut on on Freeform in the winter of 2018.

Now thanks to Instagram we have our first look at the heroic duo together:

The full cast includes  Olivia Holt as Tandy Bowen and Aubrey Joseph as Tyrone Johnson, Andrea Roth (Blue Bloods) as Melissa Bowen, Tandy’s mom; Gloria Reuben (ER) as Tyrone’s mother, Adina Johnson; Miles Mussenden (Bloodline) as Tyrone’s father, Michael Johnson; Carl Lundstedt (Grey’s Anatomy) as Liam, Tandy’s partner in crime; James Saito (Life of Pi) as Dr. Bernard Sanjo, and J.D. Evermore (The Walking Dead) as Detective Connors.

Series description:

It is a coming-of-age series based on the beloved Marvel characters. Tandy Bowen (Olivia Holt) and Tyrone Johnson (Aubrey Joseph) come from starkly different backgrounds, each growing up with a secret they never dared share with another soul. 

Once a privileged little girl, Tandy Bowen watched as her family was destroyed by a disastrous storm that uprooted her life. Now in her late teens, an unexpected encounter with a boy named Tyrone sparks a life changing event. 

Young Tyrone Johnson wanted nothing more than to prove he was fearless. But when everything he held close was taken away, life taught Tyrone to be afraid. Now older and more sheltered, Tyrone closes himself off. But when he meets a girl named Tandy his life changes forever.

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