Ultimates (2016) #6 review

Ultimates #6
Ultimates #6

The Ultimates have journeyed outside of space-time but were intercepted by Galactus who was called in by the living sentience of the cosmos-Eternity. This was to prevent them from learning a truth too terrible for their minds to survive. Galactus also intercepted the Ultimates to hide Eternity’s secret; a secret he has deemed wrong and has made it his duty to set it right. The Task begins here

What I thought

Galactus opens up with the myth of Sisyphus; the legend of a man who continually pushes a boulder up a mountain; resisting time and gravity; only to have the boulder roll back down to the base of the mountain. He feels that this is symbolic of the task he has set out to accomplish, which is finding out who chained Eternity. At first I was awestruck by the grand scale of things. See, my partner in comics Ryn is the cosmic guy. Galactus, Eternity, Order, Chaos, the grander the scale the more he loves it! I on the other hand am the street level guy. I am cool fighting crime, fighting terrorist, fighting any villains who try to undermine the common good. Well I have been reading this series from the first book, and I have to admit maybe I can and should open myself up more to the cosmic! So, having said that, I am really enjoying the new Galactus. The Lifebringer, as he is now called, has always be characterized as arrogant and omnipotent; undeterred by his need to fulfill the hunger that consumed him, with little concern about the death and destruction he left in his wake. This Galactus however, displays a certain humility, and certain concern, a caring that is uncharacteristic of the Galactus I had come to know. The Lifebringer now takes on a great and seemingly impossible task, and I can’t think of anyone better to do it.

Al Ewing is weaving a cosmic tale of intrigue and suspense that is being played out on a grand scale. The players have names like Lord Chaos, Master Order, and Eternity, and weld the fundamental forces of the Marvel U. What role will Owen Wilson; the molecule man; play in the is yet to be determined, but given the fact that he is still the most power being in the omniverse and still hopped up on the Beyonder’s power, he cannot be ruled out of anything. Guest artist Christian Ward continues the beautiful artwork that Rocafort was laying down before, which serves to enhance the cosmic epicness which the story is serving up. I am really enjoying this series, as I have enjoyed most things that writer Al Ewing has done to date and would recommend this to any person like me who rarely¬†ventures from the street-level action. If there ever was a team built for such adventures, this is the squad! 4/5 starsstars-4-very-good

Marcus Roberts

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