LionMan (Character)

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Character Name: Skyler Brade – The Lionman

Publisher: POW! Comics

Created by: Rick Hannah

1st appearance: The Lionman #1

 Nationality: United States citizen

Team Affiliations: n/a

Legal Status: Minor

Height: Skyler – 5’8” Lionman – 6’2”                        Weight: Skyler – 145 lbs. Lionman – 250 lbs.

Eye color: Skyler – Brown. Lionman – Gold             Hair color: Black

Relatives: Mother – Alexandria “Alex” Brade, Sister – Elizabeth “Beth” Brade, Uncle – James Brade, Grandma – Cleopatra “Cleo” Degrate

Skills and abilities: Skyler is skilled in both math and artistic activities. An avid reader, he has a phenomenal memory for both history and geography. After his transformation as the Lionman, he will find he has developed certain psychic abilities even when not transformed.

Powers: The Lionman possesses enhanced senses, strength (enabling him to lift 8 tons), and superhuman speed and endurance. He also has a magical resistance to injury and a very rapid recovery from wounds. He will be capable of greater feats when he becomes an adult.


Skyler Brade is an ordinary 15-year old kid born and raised in Anacostia, D.C., trying to begin his sophomore year in school and avoid trouble. He was born with a club foot and this lack of athletic ability, together with the seriousness with which he takes his studies, opens him to being ridiculed and bullied.

Unknown to Skyler, his Zulu ancestors, the amadlozi, have plans for him to take up an ancient magic talisman and become the latest incarnation of…the Lionman! A hero is needed and Skyler has the blood of kings. Together with the enigmatic British agent Sir Michael Baker, his brother-in-arms Ras Singh, South African diplomat John Bhekifa, and many others, Skyler is about to be plunged into a world of supernatural horror, political intrigue and a war against the oldest cult in the world.

And he will be granted powers and abilities far beyond his dreams…




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