Captain America: Sam Wilson #4, #5 and #6 Review


• Danger on Wall Street…
• It’s the venomous return of THE SERPENT SQUAD!!!


What I thought

The Cover is not the hottest thing on the stands that’s for sure. The Interior art was spot on, capturing the ebb and flow of the fights, the ferocity of Sam Wilson as a Wolf, the cool and calm of the Serpent Society’s leader as he played golf and met with board members while being Machiavellian as hell.

We got an appearance from Clair Temple who is now quite popular thanks to the new lease on life given by Netflix’s Daredevil and Jessica Jones. It was a nice change of pace. The new Falcon got some face time as well. I like how Sam Wilson as a Wolf was used as a good way to have him be introspective it made this issue a good read. I love how they poked fun at the D-Man hygiene issue from back in the late 90’s while Sam was still a wolf. Diamondback poking fun at the ridiculous nature of her abilities and costume was also quite fun as was her alluding to Misty and Sam hooking up.

captainamericasamwilson#4 2

They also acknowledge that Redwing was infected with Vampirism and how it affects the new Falcon whose genes was spliced with Red Wing.

I also enjoyed how Serpent Solutions change. The writer pokes fun at them usually being cannon fodder at the start of a book to now being major players. Diamondback’s heel turn at the end was not very shocking all things considered. That last page with all the Serpent Society members reassembled in the boardroom was a really cool scene.


Sam Wilson Captain America #5 Review

Witness the birth of the All-New, All-Different FALCON!

What I Thought

Captain America/Sam Wilson still a wolf, is trapped with the serpent society who after giving him a long winded speech throw him out their skyscraper.  Misty fights to get to Sam. Joaquin breaks out of the hospital and saves Samuel from death but the serpent society attacks.

captainamericasamwilson#5 2

Misty knight is getting some great face time in this book as she just exudes cool on ever single panel.

Joaquin Torres gets a neat little back-story as does the rationale behind Diamondback joining the reformed serpent society. Everything worked along with the art to make for a truly moving tale


Sam Wilson Captain America #6 Review


What I Thought

The New Falcon with the aid of Misty Knight and D-man save Samuel from an untimely death. In the end the news only reports on his meeting with the stripper known as Diamondback. The New Falcon gets a costume and claims he’s Sam’s new sidekick.

captainamericasamwilson#6 2

This issue was all about the new Falcon and it does not disappoint. He got some decent action shots, we got some thought provoking dialogue etc. There is so much that one can get from this book and so much conversation and discussion it can generate.

4/5 starts Sam Wilson’s stint as Captain America is gloriously entertaining and thought provoking. Nick Spencer keep the good stuff coming! stars- 4 very good


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